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Monduli Walking Safari.

Monduli is a smaller town located in an area around 30 kilometers away from Arusha town. The town itself is departed in Monduli Chini (means “down”, the bigger and more urban part) and Monduli Juu (means “up”, the smaller and more rural part of the town) and set at the hillside of a volcano.

In the center there is a gigantic caldera not as large as Ngorongoro but not less impressive. Monduli is Maasai land, the surrounding is marked by numerous Bomas, the housing of the Maasai, and the herdsmen that are grazing their cattle on the plains.

Among the travelers and safari goers Monduli is almost unknown and an excellent insider tip.

About an hour walking from Monduli Juu you find the small camp site with a view on the scenic crater. From here an experienced Maasai guide will take you on an expedition along the hillside and down to the crater plains.

As Monduli is located outside any nature reserve borders and the hunting on wild animals is permitted here you need luck to encounter giraffes, zebras and other bigger animals that prefer to live in the protected areas of the National Parks. Rather a walking safari offers the opportunity to look after the details, to admire the unique flora, watching rare bird species or bush babies in the trees and joining the Maasai bringing their cattle down to the pasture.

The view on Mount Meru is overwhelming from here and in the morning you will have the chance to watch the sun rising behind Meru and the highest mountain of Africa, Kilimanjaro, which looks considerably smaller over the far distance.

Usually you will stay at Monduli for 2 or 3 days but concerning to your interests and schedule you can add as many days as you like. As Monduli is close to Arusha town and easily reachable it is also a perfect itinerary for volunteers or all those who stay at Arusha and wish a few days relaxing, cultural experience and adventure in the Tanzanian wilderness.

Relaxing and walking in the untouched surrounding of Monduli can also be a perfect step-in for your further safari to the big National Parks or a great ending.

Being on a visit at the Bomas the young Maasai will gladly perform their dances and singings and the women will proudly present their huts while the children will be shy and at the same time fascinated observing you from the distance. And maybe the father of all the children and husband of at least four wives will allow you to take a seat next to him.

Once per week there is a cattle market in Monduli Juu where you can watch the lively business around the best goats and cows in the village. In Monduli Chini there is a daily Maasai and food market which is not less colorful and interesting.

The nights will be spent at the camp fire, waiting for the cook’s delicious food and listening to the stories that your Maasai guide will tell you.

Home stays

You are interested in experiencing African culture and daily life in a Tanzanian family? Why not living with them in the same house for a few days, weeks or even longer and sharing family life with them?

We offer homestays for any duration and purpose.

Whether you want to do a short stopover during your Safari, volunteer in social projects for a long time or travel through the country without staying in “common” hotels, we cooperate with several families in Arusha who would love to welcome you at their home. The families are well chosen, and trustworthy and stay in regular contact with us.

You can decide whether you want to stay in a big house with water and electricity and all European standards or if you prefer basic life in a house that is maybe smaller without tab water and a luxury bed but therefore bucket shower, candles in the darkness and a life close to your family, your host brothers and sisters. With a homestay you will not only support the family and get to know African life, but you will also furthermore find friends for a lifetime!

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