+255 623 735 252 info@amkaafrika.com
+255 623 735 252 info@amkaafrika.com

Why Work With Us.

Quality is our No.1 reason for establishment of Amka Afrika Ltd. We would like to have the highest quality programs and service.  We double check safety to our volunteers. We place volunteers in safe consciousness environments. We also insure the accommodation and general environments are of high quality.
We Amka Afrika Ltd experience the environment before our volunteer’s steps there. Amka Afrika Ltd are the world’s No.1 quality organization in volunteer placement in Africa.

Affordable is our No. 1.1 motivation behind the formation of Amka Afrika Ltd. We target to offer the most affordable programs with the highest quality. At Amka Afrika Ltd we associate HIGH QUALITY with LOW COST, and will continue being our goal. We give you a chance to use your money for other things or donate to a project. Still the money you pay, 25% goes to the project you are working!  We sacrifice to provide you with the best volunteer experience at the cheapest price. Imagine starting at US$80 you can be in Tanzania and volunteer today!

While other organizations operating from outside Africa tend to say they are experienced in Africa, Amka Afrika Ltd has True sense of Local Experience than any organization out there. Founded by an Africa, managed by Africans, born in Africa, and operating in Africa-surely Global adventure safaris has True sense of local experience. Amka  Afrika Ltd is the most experienced international volunteer organization in Africa and beyond. Both staffs and directors are former volunteers in various countries in Africa and abroad too.

For example our founder volunteered in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Brazil, Sweden, UK, and North America. Amka Afrika Ltd will give you true local experience combined in your volunteer program! What you eat is what they eat, where you live is where they live, everything together! True sense of local experience builds.


Speak to Someone who Knows Africa?

We’ve been working in Africa for more than 10 years. How’d we get here? By redefining the way travelers see Africa . Check out how we’re creating the future of your Adventure here in Africa


Amka Afrika Ltd offer true development assistance to local communities and organizations. From your program fees, part of it goes directly to the community and organization. For example for the year 2011, Amka Afrika Ltd sponsored 12 orphans to attend secondary schools. We give all back to the communities we work with.

They talk about” Flexibility” at Amka Afrika Ltd we talk about” Exceptional Flexibility”. We understand that every personal is different in every aspect, be expectations or dreams. On these grounds, Amka Afrika Ltd offers Exceptional Flexibility to our volunteers, customizing each placement based on volunteer expectations. As a volunteer you can choose to work in two different projects, in two different destinations, or few/long hours, or choose rural areas-all is your choice! We give your total flexibility to insure you gain maximum experiences.

We offer you the best service, timely service and friendly service and support. We offer to all our volunteers 24/7 support until the day you finish your volunteer placement. While in project, we will give you contact point who will be with you all way during your volunteering period. Always there is support available when you need it! The head office will be in full contact with you to insure you are doing fine.

We always place our volunteers in safe environments. We always double check your safety. In all our destinations there is maximum safety. Be project, host family or simply environment you are living there is maximum safety. We place you in a place where you can be safe and enjoy your volunteering experiences

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