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During your Tanzania safari you will most probably stay in different accommodation and most likely only in one hotel in Arusha or Moshi when doing the Northern Tanzania safaris likewise in Dar-es Saalam when doing Tanzania Southern safaris. The other spot is at Zanzibar where you will stay at a hotel in Stone town or a Beach hotel or Resort.

On your landing in Tanzania and if is via Kilimanjaro International Airport and staying in and around Arusha we can offer you a stay in a city hotel or a safari lodge relying upon your inclination.

During your Wildlife and Cultural Safari in Tanzania as part of your visit you will in all probability stay in a safari lodge or a tented camp/lodge.

Most importantly give us a chance to demystify the view of numerous individuals that tented camps are less expensive than hotels. That is a falsehood. Hotels and tented camps all go under the same guidelines and classes and costs also. The main contrast is the style. While lodges are inherent block and mortar, significance they are truly walled rooms and structures, the tented camps are tented rooms and houses made out of campaign.

The services obtained however, in hotels and tented camps are comparable.

Tanzanian lodges and tented camps may not be to the Internationally perceived ” star System ” of evaluating in light of the fact that it is in some cases disillusioning to tell somebody that a hotel/ tented camp is 5 star yet when he/she arrives it is not up to his her desire.

Some of the camps we offer are ultimately comfy permanent luxury tented camps; others are small and have superb attention to detail, whilst others are mobile tented camps that ensure you will maximize your chances of witnessing the great migration. Game lodges are also popular options, and have a permanent structure with private bandas, lounges and communal dining. In Zanzibar, boutique lodges with bungalows and villas afford paradise views of the Indian Ocean. Please take a look at some of our favourite accommodation in Tanzania below, from camps and lodges to luxury hotels and beach retreats.

Whilst Tanzania is well established, we only select accommodation that places you away from the crowds. 

To maintain a strategic distance from that we have characterized the lodges and tented camps in Tanzania in our own specific manner of evaluating and we have now 4 classes agreeing our reviewing at Back to Africa Safaris. Please see our Tanzania Safari Packages here that using below accommodations.

We have:

Plan Lodges and Tented Camps, Mid-range Lodges & tented camps and Upper Mid degree Lodges and Camps, Standard Luxury Lodges & Tented Camps, Upper Market Luxury Lodges & Tented Camps.

Some of these lodges/ tented camps we use for Safaris are categorized beneath in Bold on Operating time/ category

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