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Tropical Beaches of Africa


Pangani is a town at the east coast of Tanzania, about 55 km south of Tanga. It used to be an important trading center during the colonial glory days, but today it is a quiet town which has witnessed little further development since.

Pangani lies at the mouth of the Pangani River, which rises on Kilimanjaro and flows into the Indian Ocean. The beautiful and practically deserted beaches running north and south of the town rank as the best kept secret on the Tanzanian coast. The beaches are wide, making it a great spot for long beach walks and since the tides are not strong, you can swim all day in the ocean. The perfect spot to wash off all the safari dust.

The coast can be visited year round, and it proximity to the equator means the climate varies little month to month. The main rains take place in April and May, with short rains in November, so you may wish to avoid these months. Some properties close during the main rains.

The mainland coast is one of Tanzania’s hidden gems with vast stretches of beach which are mostly untouched by tourism.  You don’t have to travel far from Dar es Salaam to escape the bustling city. These beautiful coastal destinations are easily accessible. Due to tides and inlets, the water can sometimes seem murky and there may be seaweed, but it’s still safe to go in and swim, the water just won’t be the crystal clear shade of turquoise you might be hoping for.

Just 40km to the south of Dar is the beautiful Ras Kutani beach, home to one of our favorite resort lodges, also known as Ras Kutani. The beaches tend to be quiet and there’s a lack of noisy jet skis and speedboats in this area, so you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay at the beach.

A few hours north of Dar is Pangani. It’s all about low key activities here such as birding, snorkelling, sailing and kayaking or perhaps exploring indigenous forests or taking a trip to a small local village to experience Swahili culture, or quite simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beach with the waves lapping the shore while you relax under the shade of an obliging palm tree. The perfect way to start or end a safari. Just south of Pangani is Saadani National Park where there are two additional properties.

These lodges are coastal but the sea in this area is very shallow, so if you want to swim you have to walk out quite far (or choose Saadani Safari Lodge which has a pool). However, on the plus side, with Saadani National Park in the vicinity, you can get a bush and wildlife experience, right on the doorstep of the beach. We think the mainland coast is one of Tanzania’s best kept secrets, offering excellent value for money. Bear in mind that this is not a great area for diving but if you are after peace and tranquillity then this is definitely an option  worth considering.

6 days at Ushongo Beach in Tanzania

On this trip you will discover one of Tanzania’s most remote places, which is simply made for relaxing. You will also have the occasion to discover the surroundings, go snorkeling and transfer to Zanzibar. We highly  recommend this tour to anyone wishing to recover from impressive trekking or safaris.

Our travel proposal

 Day 1

Welcome to Tanzania! Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), you will be welcomed by your driver. Together you transfer to Arusha from where you will continue by plane (around 2 hours flight) or by Jeep to Pangani (around 8 hours drive). Alternatively, you can directly arrive in Tanga or Pangani. In any case, one of our partners will already be awaiting  you upon arrival.
Together you continue to The Tides Lodge, located right by Ushongo Beach. After you have checked in, the rest of the day is at your free disposal and can be used for exploring the place or relaxing. In any case, make sure to be back for dinner, because you do not want to miss  Sophia’s excellent cooking skills!

Day 2

Good morning, it is 10:00am and after your big breakfast you will discover the nearby-located fishing villages by foot. Samir will be your companion and guide you along the coast. The afternoon is at your free disposal and we recommend relaxing by the white sandy beach.

Day 3

You can take it easy and start your day any time you like (again, we recommend not missing outon your breakfast prepared by Sophia!). Get ready for some adventure in the afternoon,however! Around 2pm you leave The Tides Lodge to transfer by boat to Maziwe Island. The ride takes about 45 minutes and brings you to an idyllic sandbank which is surrounded by coral reefs. You do not have to worry about bringing your own snorkeling equipment. The Tides Lodge team will take care of you so that you can fully focus on discovering the underwater world!
After having spent a relaxing afternoon on the island and having enjoyed a nice picnic, you return to The Tides Lodge in the early evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 4

Today is entirely at your free disposal and we recommend enjoying the moments which makeyou feel like Robinson Crusoe thanks to this hidden gem. Breakfast and dinner are included in your stay for your comfort.

Day 5

After an early breakfast, you cross the Indian Ocean! You can do so either by boat or by propeller-driven airplane. Today’s destination: Nungwi, located in the north of Zanzibar.
After arrival in the late morning, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the white sandy beaches
and bright blue water of the Indian Ocean. Nungwi is nice to visit and you will have the occasion to discover the village known for making dhows (traditional sailing boats used to sail the Indian Ocean) and the aquarium. After having spent the day on Zanzibar’s northern coast you return to The Tides Lodge for dinner and overnight. You can optionally add another day in Nungwi and return to Ushongo Beach the following day.

Day 6

After a good night’s sleep and after finishing breakfast, you will check out of The Tides Lodge. If you have further activities planned, you can continue your individual travel program accordingly. Alternatively, your driver will drive you to the airport at the appropriate time and you will travel home.
You can optionally add days to relax on the white sandy beaches of Pangani. If you would like to  skip any activity or only relax on the beach, please let us know. In case you would like to add other activities such as a safari in the nearby located national parks and visit the Usambara Mountains, or to combine your stay in Pangani with one of our Zanzibar tours, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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