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HIV and AIDS Project in Ghana


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volunteers interested in HIV/ AIDS are much needed because the disease has caused enormous loss of lives in Uganda a number of activities can be engaged in under this program with great focus on the communities and families to enable communities deal with HIV challenges of infection.

In efforts to enhance community empowerment, Global Safaris works with volunteers in the community to conduct community training under a number of activities are engaged including:

Seeking HIV counseling and testing
Accepting diagnosis
Practicing safer sex
Continuing to work and earn an income and planning for a family
Seeking counseling on an on going basis
Having a balanced diet
Having adequate sleep and exercise and Continuing with normal social activities
Avoiding harmful practices such as drinking alcohol and smoking
Volunteers can develop training modules along these line and be able to conduct trainings based in communities with the help of community based educators.

Volunteers can also actively engage in home visits to check on patients and clients, sensitize communities on effective condom use and engage in condom distribution, work with counseling and testing facilities to extend these services to the people, encourage communities to live safe and positively, and also establish peer educators clubs through training them in music dance and drama.

Nutrition and sanitation are the most important aspects that communities have to put in practice Volunteers can develop educative visual models to sensitize communities about them to enhance living standards of communities.

Sensitization in schools
Volunteer with passion and interested to work with youths and guide them towards having the right information the current status of HIV/AIDS as well as demystifying the myths that the teenagers have in relation to HIV/AIDS. Interactive lessons and discussions are advised to take place while educating the youth and teenagers. Both lecture style and group sessions can be conducted to influence them towards the right path.


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