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The Hadzabe

The Hadzabe live in the dry cracked terrain near Lake Eyasi, south of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. They have inhabited the acacia forests and scrubland around Lake Eyasi near the mountains for over 10,000 years. The Hadzabe set up camp temporarily and have small families. They build homes by weaving small huts out of the euphorbia bush, most of their huts are constructed in dried dung, sticks, and twigs. They eat roots, and meat and they use traditional medicine to cure illnesses. They utilize sticks and grass to start fires. For 3 days and 2 nights East African Excursions avail you their way of life.

Lake Eyasi

Visiting Hadzabe people in Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi lies about 190km west of Arusha town and south west of Ngorongoro crater. Eyasi is a soda (alkaline) lake and the surrounding land is hot and dry except for a few sports where clear springs running underground emerge by the lake shore.

The area around Lake Eyasi is in habited by the Bushmen (Hadzabe and Tindiga) they are very ancient people believed to have lived here for over 10,000 years. Their language is vaguely similar to that of the Bushmen in southern Africa.

Also in the area are Maser people and Iraqw (also called Wambulu). A visit to Bushmen for duration of 3 or more days is breathtaking

A rare chance of going for hunting with the bushmen and experience a different culture direct by visiting indigenous people in the area. Your guide will explain how they preserve food and suc

Mamba – Marangu

This area is 30 km northeast of Moshi town at an altitude of 1800 meters 45 minutes drive from Moshi town. We offer full and half day tours on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro

Attractions include waterfalls beautiful views coffee trees (this is the area where the first coffee tree in Tanzania was planted by German Missionaries) caves used during Maasai / Chagga wars traditional and modern chagga art culture and homes: see an iron smith at his ancient craft.

Southern Pare Mountains

Monduli Mountains and Maasai Bomas
The Masaai Boma

The Monduli Mountains lie to the north west of Arusha town about 35km or approx.1 hour drive to the area. The area is inhabited by Maasai tribe. Possibilities include a walk though a forest on the Monduli where an armed ranger will be guiding you. Buffalos and elephants can be seen in this forest. 

Climb to the summit of Monduli Mountain enjoy the viewing of mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru (on clear days. Then descend on Enguik village and optionally visit a variety of Maasai Bomas in this village.

While you’re in Arusha town you before or after safari / climbing you can relux your body by doing the following cultural activities start from 1 day tour , 2days tour and more!!!!!!!!! at the lowest price .
The money you contribute to this will help in the development of the particular village.

TOUR 1:Ilkiding’a village.

Welcome to our village at the foot of Mount Meru where the sounds of rivers, birds and people are in harmony. A cultural tour of Ilkiding’a will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Wa-arusha culture. Spend a day walking around the hills of Ilkiding’a and get some insight into traditional African culture. Tours include:
A view into the culture of the Wa-arusha
A warm welcome in local household and have a look in the way an extended family is living
A visit to craftsmen and a traditional healer
A walk through the farms where people produce cash crops to supply Arusha town
A rest at viewpoints overlooking Arusha town
Hikes along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon, and climbing small hills
Traditional food prepared by our women 

TOUR 2: Longido village .

Experience one of Africa’s most fascinating cultures, the Maasai with a visit to Longido. A cultural tour of Longido will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Maasai culture and interact with Maasai warriors. Spend a day walking around the extensive plains of Longido Mountain and get some insight into traditional African culture. Tours include:
-Walking safaris with Maasai warriors over the slopes of Longido Mountain
-Bird-watching walks over the plains
-A climb up the impressive Longido Mountain, through dense natural forest
-A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai
-Sipping tea with Maasai people in a real Maasai Boma
End of the tour

TOUR 3 : Ng’ires village 

Welcome to the fascinating slopes of Mount Meru, where you can experience real African village life. We the villagers of Ng’iresi offer you:
-A guided tour of some farms on the green slopes of Mt. Meru
-A visit to a number of development projects in our village (soil conservation, irrigation, cross breeding, bio gas, fish nursery)
-a climb to Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top
-a view into the Wa-arusha culture (old stories, traditional houses)
-delicious lunch and dinner prepared by the Juhudi women’s group
-Visit to a traditional healer where you can see ancient remedies that have been used for thousands of years

End of the tour 

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